Monday, April 22, 2013


As of this afternoon I can breath a huge sigh of relief... I have finally finished the top of my niece Chloe's graduation t-shirt quilt!  You can see past posts about it herehere, and here.

It's been quite an undertaking!  

All of the t-shirts have been stabilized with Pellon lightweight interfacing-- to reduce them stretching as they were sewn together, and as it's quilted.  

There are a total of 47 t-shirts used in this quilt top!  I'm still not quite sure how I fit that many in there!  The finished size is 70 x 83 inches... so essentially a shorter version of a double size quilt.

There are still more t-shirts believe it or not!  I think I will incorporate a few into the back, and if there are any left after that they will become pillows.

While I wait for the backing fabric to arrive I have some time to contemplate how to quilt this puppy!  I'm limited to straight line machine quilting or hand tying.  What do you think-- should I machine quilt it?  Straight vertical lines, or a diamond checkerboard pattern?  Or should I keep it simple and tie it?

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