Saturday, December 15, 2012

A sunnier day...

I tried working on a post yesterday, but was in a right foul mood from all the tragic news-- people didn't need to read about anymore of that sadness.  And I didn't find writing about it to be therapeutic, so  I decided to wait for a new day, a brighter day.

I love quiet Saturday mornings.  Coffee in hand, Mr. Trio snoozing away in the next room, and Boone snoozing next to me on the couch.  The living room lit up buy the early morning sun and the Christmas tree.

Yesterday I tried my best to focus through the sadness, and sew.  I dove into work on the t-shirt quilt for my nieces' graduation, and finally started some sewing on it instead of just staring at the layout.  I won't lie though, I didn't get too far.

What I did find both focusing and comforting yesterday was cooking.  The kitchen was my Zen zone.

On Thursday night we had a roasted chicken with root vegetables, which yesterday slowly became a stock for what will be today's soup.  And last night for dinner we had a nice slow cooked meat sauce on fresh pasta, with garlic bread, and a salad.  Simmering and stirring a sauce for hours was just what this girl needed.

Comfort food-- it's a comfort to make, and to eat.

And no week is truly complete without a bit of fabric stashing right?  I just got in a FQ bundle of the new 'Architextures' line by Carolyn Friedlander.  I am positively in LOVE with the elegant geekiness of this line! That's right, it's both elegant and geeky-- you heard me.  Mr. Trio Beautiful seems particularly drawn to the topographic prints.  I think my favorites are the graph paper with math notes.

I will be holding off on cutting into this fabric for awhile.  I want to wait until I have the perfect project planned, besides, I have plenty of other projects going on for now!


  1. My boys would like to have a t-shirt quilt made for them so it is interesting to see the one you are doing for your niece. And I love the Architextures fabrics - just waiting on some to arrive here too to make a quilt for my husband for our anniversary.

    1. Architextures will make a great husband quilt! How big of a delay is there in the new lines reaching Australia?