About Me

My name is A Trio Beautiful.
I have an amazing husband- we will call him Z.
And an amazing dog.  Boone.

Besides my family, the things I love most are sewing, jewelry making, cooking, and gardening.  That list is in no particular order.

The running theme in this house is to make what ever we can from scratch, when ever possible.  
These are the things I hope to share with you all.

If you are interested in where the name (A Trio Beautiful) came from, check out my first post!


  1. Hi Jo

    This is your moms friend Dawn from mich. she gave me your link to follow your blog. it is great. I love to cook and sew also. your mom is going to teach me to quilt this winter. Hope you dont mind. I love your mom we are great friends. cant wait to meet you someday. Keep it up this looks fun.

    1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for following along, and I hope you enjoy it! My mom will be a great teacher for quilting-- I will try to show you a thing or two here as well.
      Thanks again! We will meet some time this year hopefully.

  2. Hi , just found your blog! Love the Maple patterns!!
    I was trying to do as you suggest, and check your first post to find out more about your name, but cant find the first post!! There is not a way to search for it either, I dont think!

    1. Hello, and welcome! Thanks for pointing our that error, I need to look into a search function for the site. This should work for now though: http://atriobeautiful.blogspot.com/2012/08/beautiful-trios.html