Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beautiful Trio's

You may be wondering about the name, A Trio Beautiful.  It comes from Leaves of Grass, Outlines for a Tomb, by Walt Whitman: 

In one a trio beautiful,
                           Grandmother, loving daughter, loving daughter's daughter, sat,
Chatting and sewing.

It was my brilliant husband’s suggestion when I first set out to devise a  name for my Etsy store.  I sew, my mom sews, my grandma sewed.  It makes sense.  But really, that one line is what means the most to me.  My life is filled with trio's... my little home (which has a three digit house number) is filled with myself, my wonderful husband, and our dog, Boone... I'm the middle child, in a trio of girls.  And so many other special groupings of three in my life, the uncanniness can't be ignored.

Trio's.  They are beautiful.

And because no blog post is ever complete without at least one picture (in my mind at least)... here is a sneak peek at a little something I am working on.

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