Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy (belated) birthday Jenn!

Early for one sisters birthday, late for the next!  Unfortunately my sister's birthday fell right in the middle of packing for our move to New York.  Needless to say, her present came to her a bit late due to the circumstances.  Belatedly or not-- happy birthday Jenn!

I won't say which birthday, but I will lovingly point out that she is the oldest out of our trio of sisters (you're welcome Jenn!).

Remember all those half square triangles (HST) from the end of last weeks post?  In all there were 100 of them, and they came together beautifully as a pillow.

I used all Kona solid fabrics and matched the colors to the paint samples for her house.  It was pieced and quilted using my much loved Aurifil thread.  I'm really pleased with how the whole thing came together.  The seams were a bit bulky and tricky to work with at some points, but that was mainly due to not thinking through how I pressed my seams.  What can I say-- I'm not always a planner.

I didn't get any pictures of the back, but it was finished using the same method used here which comes from this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew.  The same Kona Coal used for the boarder was used for the back of the pillow.

The finished pillow fits a 20 x 20 pillow form.  I kept the quilting simple and only stitched a quarter of an inch from the seams on the inside of each darker value zig-zag.

The photo below was taken before I bought the right size pillow form, but you can see the quilting better here than you can in my final photos.

See... I had some funky overcast lighting for my final pictures.
Jenn-- Sorry it was late, but happy birthday!  I hope you enjoy your pillow!

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