Wednesday, April 10, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday

Well we did it.  We made it to New York.  Moving cross country is chaotic-- even more so when the sum of your belongings temporarily reside in a storage unit!  But despite all that, things are beginning to normalize a bit.  My sister and brother-in-law have been kind enough to share their home with us while we look for our own place... which is incredibly generous of them, and we are eternally grateful.

We've been in New York for just shy of two weeks now, and a routine is being established.  Mr. Trio is learning and loving the ropes of his new job, Boone is adjusting well to the upheaval, and me-- I'm enjoying my temporary unemployment and sewing up a storm (despite half my sewing stuff being in storage)!

So, let me share a few W.I.P.'s!  I've been asked to display some of my things at an art walk on May 1st, so I'm attempting to get a few items quickly whipped up for the occasion.  This block was so much fun to put together, and came together rather quickly.  I ADORE the way it came out!

Finished block is 15 x 15. Designed by Tara Rebman of tinkerfrog. Kit purchased at Mama Said Sew in Ft. Collins, CO.
I'm trying to decide that I want to do with it now... I'm thinking a throw pillow maybe?
Next up is a Spring/Summer table runner (pardon the terrible floor photo).  I'm really stumped as to how I want to finish this up.

I find that sketching doesn't help me unless I have my color pencils... which are in storage of course!
Should I make the runner squared off instead of diamonds?  I'm leaning toward keeping it diamonds and taking the approach similar to the bottom sketch.

Last but not least, these puppies here got whipped into a slew of HST (half square triangles) for a project which is now complete!  Before I can share the finished photos though, I first have to give the gift to the recipient!  I should be able to share with you all on Monday.

And Boone-- good ole' Boone dog.  Aside from a few adjustment issues the first three days, he really is doing quite well.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. I LOVE yr finished block . Your choice of fabric and particularly the background fabric is inspired.

  2. Ditto! That first block is perfection!!!

  3. Your blocks are fantastic, but that first one! Wow, love how the colours pop off the text print. Just stunning.