Saturday, February 23, 2013

Big Project, Little Project

Sometimes when you're cranking away at a big project, you need to take a quick break and spit out a little one.  You know, the kind that is really quick and gives you almost instant gratification.  Well, I was in need just that kind of break.
(I'm beginning to see the end in sight for the big project, you will eventually see it-- I promise!)

 Some time ago, after seeing this pin, I knew exactly how I wanted to patch my next pair of jeans.  At the time though, I had no jeans in need of repair (thankfully).  So when my favorite pair of jeans managed to get a hole in them, I knew exactly what to do! 

I feel like all the other sewing bloggers write about how relaxing hexies are to make,  but this blogger begs to differ.  I suppose hand sewing really just isn't my thing (although I love hand binding my quilts).  Don't get me wrong-- I love to look at them; love the way the come together in the end... I just appreciate it more when others have bled slaved  lovingly perspired over it.  I'm amazed and awe inspired by anyone who can make a whole quilt like this.

With all that said however, I simply adore how my patch came out.
I will patch this way again-- but only patches... and a flower of five at the most!

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