Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project Reveal: A Quilt for Mom

Life has felt busy and hectic lately, and it may get a bit more so before all is said and done.  The Trio Beautiful family has a lot of exciting things coming around the corner.  I can't wait to share more about it later.

But today I want to reveal to you all, and in particular to my mom, that secretive project I've been working on.  You know, the one I would elusively mention and show you nothing of!  That one.  And it's still not finished.

I am a day late and a dollar short in getting her birthday present to her, but last night I went ahead and let my mom know what her present was, and she gave me permission to share it.  She gets her sneak peek at the same time as the rest of you!

That beautiful machine of mine was gift from my mom-- fitting that it now makes her a quilt.

My mom is a quilter, and for all the ones she has made for others I'm not sure that she has ever had a quilt made for her-- and it's about time.

I found inspiration for this quilt (quite awhile ago) from photo a German blogger posted to Flickr.  I spent a long time last night searching for the picture in order to reference it and give credit, but cannot find it.  Perhaps the user deleted their account.  In any case, I will come back and add a link when I find it.

The quilt is really pretty basic-- wonky stars and simple patchwork using 5.5 inch blocks.  I wanted to make something fun, and with a modern (yet not contemporary) edge to it, but not too over the top.  Something where our styles would meet in the middle.  I will admit... style wise it may lean more towards me.  
But the colors are all mom!  She is a water person ,and very into nautical themes, so my fabric selection was based entirely on that... some selections more abstract than than others, like my interpretation of lifesavers and fishing nets.

I'm a little shy of  half way through the quilting now.  Mom, you will have it in your hands one day, I swear!

We should just call him Mr. Awesome!

Have I mentioned lately that I have the most amazing husband in the world?  Seriously.  That there is Mr. Trio helping me baste the quilt!  I'm pretty sure that not many other quilters are so lucky!

So the weekend is here (and gone now!) and we finally have time off of work where I could get more quilting done... but here is my Saturday instead:

There IS a smile under that mask, I swear!

We've been working hard this weekend to wrap up some long unfinished projects around the house. 
I do realize this is the first photo I have ever posted of myself on this blog... maybe I should have held out for a classier one!

Thanks for sticking with me you all.

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