Friday, February 15, 2013

A Few of the Things I Love

I love writing on this little blog of mine... although you wouldn't know it with my recent absence. Sorry about that.  Life gets hectic sometimes.  As a nod to yesterday's celebration of love, I thought I would share a few of the things I am in love with this morning.

I'm still in love with last nights dinner.  It may have happened last night... but I am still drooling over it this morning-- so it counts! We dropped the ball on getting V-Day reservations, so we went all out for dinner at home and made Lobster Thermidor with asparagus.  It was to die for!    

Mr. Trio gave me irises yesterday, and I'm totally smitten with how the morning sunshine sets them aglow.  And I'm equally smitten with the irises themselves-- they remind me of childhood. We had purple irises just like these growing in our back yard when I was little.

I'm loving on love notes. And that Mr. Trio knows how to woo me with flowers, cook books, and sweet nothings!  I'm so lucky to have such an adoring, loving, and caring husband.  I am constantly amazed at the ways in which our relationship and love continue to grow with each passing day.  I am endlessly thankful to have him in my life.

And then there is Boone, sweet Boone.  He's curled up beside me at this moment, napping in a pool of morning sunshine.  I would get a picture, but I don't dare move or I will wake him up.

I hope that your yesterday, today, and everyday are filled with love.

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