Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Skill Builder

The first month of the Skill Builder BOM is complete!  Well, mostly complete.  I still have to sandwich and quilt each block.  With my current project load the quilting for these blocks will have to wait.  And hey, I have eleven months to get around to it anyway!  I can hardly believe that it is February already!

January actually had two blocks, and I never posted about the second block... nor did I show you pictures of the completed Sound Wave block.  So, without further ado.

Skill Builder BOM: Sound Wave Block
I am really pleased with how my Sound Wave block turned out.  My even, straight columns have shown me that I do nice, consistent piece work.  I find myself quite proud.

Once I finished the second block (called Magnum), I decided that I really didn't want my borders to be the same solid black as my background fabric.  I wanted the borders to really frame and set the blocks apart, instead of blending with them.  I was nervous at first about this decision, but in the end I am thrilled with how it turned out.

Skill Builder BOM: Magnum Block
 This week Alyssa at Pile O' Fabric posted a series of seven instructional videos on free motion quilting (FMQ).  The videos really help take the scare factor away.  Since I have never even attempted FMQ I will need to practice quite a bit before I make the attempt on my completed blocks.  As I said earlier however, I will have put the quilting on the back burner for now until I complete my other projects.

Skill Builder BOM: Month One Complete!
 While I may not be ready to start quilting, I have at least picked out a few of the backing fabrics.  At the moment they are mostly low volume black prints, but I plan to mix in a few brights along the way.

Backing fabrics
 I can't wait until the 14th when the next block lesson comes out!

In the mean time I am working on a top secret project that I cannot wait to share later this month.
Boone has seen it, but he's sworn to secrecy!

Pile O' Fabric

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  1. Your blocks are so beautifull and very elegant!