Saturday, January 5, 2013

Smitten with a new cookbook

Earlier this last year one of my favorite cooking bloggers released her own cookbook.  I was lucky enough to get said cookbook (The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook) for Christmas.  Eek!

If you are not already familiar with Deb over at The Smitten Kitchen you should be. Never has a single recipe of hers failed me.  Last night I made my first recipe from the new cookbook, and true to form, it did not disappoint. 

The wild rice gratin with kale, caramelized onions, and baby swiss turned out amazing, and was served up with a roasted chicken, and Panko crusted fried squash.
It was epic.

My finished gratin certainly did not come out as picturesque as in the book, but was seriously amazing to taste.  We will definitely be adding this to our regular recipe list.

In other news, I spent the morning pulling fabrics for the Skill Builder BOM.
If you frequent this site you may remember my inspiration color card from this post.

Overall I am pretty happy with what I have pulled.  It does need a bit of tweaking though... one of those greens in particular is just not working for me.
I've been consulting Boone and I think he agrees. 

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