Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe evening while ringing in the new year!
We spent the evening at a friends home surrounded by music played by Mr. Trio and his buddies.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate, and thanks to the help of some evening coffee, I was able to make it until midnight!

The first day of 2013 was spent in my sewing room while Mr. Trio enjoyed a marathon of old Twilight Zone episodes.  

The day started with a little QAYG... which turned into these panels:

And those panels then became a 241 Tote (pattern by Noodlehead).
This pattern came together so smooth and easy.  The only modifications I made were to lengthen the strap (I really wanted a cross body bag), and the patchwork panels instead of a single fabric. The interior, side panel, and strap fabric is Essex in Linen-- it was my first time working with it and I really liked it.  So much in fact, that I'm going to have to re-up my stash of it!

You will have to excuse the cruddy final photos-- as I said in my last post... I often lack the patience to wait for better light.  I was so excited to show you my new bag that I had no desire to wait until tomorrow to take pictures of it.

A new purse to start the new year.  I like happy beginnings :o)

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