Sunday, October 7, 2012

Loose ends

It was a good day for wrapping things up.

When I got home from work (that's right... work on a Sunday) I set straight to finishing off my Fall tote.
I love it!
It has a strong, stiff interfacing on the base which gives it a nice structured bottom to sit on.
I opted for canvas straps instead of making my own quilted ones.  It's the first time I have done this, and I will be sure to do it again.  Easy peasy this way.

It's huge too.  Did I mention that yet?  It came out a bit deeper than I had originally intended, but I am ok with that... I carry a lot of shit around anyway!

Pardon the lap shot again, but I've been doing a little hand stitching this evening to finish up my feather pillow.  I'm pleased with the results.

Using the scraps from the feathers I whipped up this little 12 x 12 pillow.
What do you mean you don't see it?  It's there... you'll have to look beyond the head of that cute puppy... see that scrappy thing?

I suppose I will have to get a better picture of it later.  You know, where you can actually see the whole pillow.  I couldn't resist this picture though.  Something in my heart melts a little every time I see Boone cuddle up to my patchwork.

On the topic of loose ends... tonight I finished up the leftovers from last nights dinner.
Chicken pot pie-- another homage to fall.  It was from scratch, and it was awesome.  Also, it turned out mighty pretty if I say so myself.

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