Saturday, October 13, 2012

A week of updates...

 This week got away from me!
It was filled with mostly the mundane-- work and the dentist.  However on Tuesday I got a little extra time to finish a few things up.

The 'feather' pillow is now complete (sorry for the terrible picture).
It's also completely covered in Boone hair already.  There's no avoiding it, really.

And I also finished up my dinner/grocery list project.  I don't believe I have shared anything about this project yet.  It sprang out of my weekly frustration of creating a grocery list.  Every week, without fail, when I ask "what would you like for dinner this week," the response is always "I don't know," or the sudden inability to remember any dishes that we fix.  The result is a frustrated me flipping through my recipe box and cookbooks, and over an hour before a list is finally made. This process needed streamlining!

So where else to turn but to Pinterest for a little inspiration.  They have tons of menu board ideas on there!
I kept our pretty simple and utilized our existing dry erase board.  On half size index cards I have written all of our meals/sides/desserts on the front, and the grocery list for said meal on the back.

One day I will make a pretty board specifically for the task, but right now with space constraints in our kitchen I will stick with the ugly white board.  This whole project cost under $2.00.  The strip of magnet for the cloths pins was about $.79, and same with the index cards.  The little bags I made to hold the cards were made out of scraps.  The left bag holds all of the main dishes, and the right holds the sides and desserts.  

My problem is solved.  Picking dinner this week was as easy as flipping through the cards, and making my list took about 10 minutes!

Yesterday I had an equally productive day.  I whipped up one last small pillow...

did a little bit of fat quarter fabric stashing...

This is for a graduation t-shirt quilt for my niece 

did a whole lot of interface ironing...

and finally attempted to clean up my sewing room-- which resulted in creating pretty stacks of fabric for future projects instead of putting my fabric away.


  1. I run into the same trouble everyweek when I try and plan and go to the grocery store. I think I am going to have to try and make one of these! I miss you and love you soooo much!!!