Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy birthday to me...

For months I have been drooling, dare I say slobbering, over the Nikon D5100.  Every time I have a vision for a photo and can't make it work with our little point and shoot-- I ring my hair with frustration, close my eyes, and dream of a nice DSLR camera.

Thanks to my birthday money, and to Mr. Trio Beautiful, my dreams have been realized!
 I have awaited the arrival of this package for an entire breathless week now.
And. It's. Here!!!!!! 

Of course I have to use the point and shoot for these pictures.
See how I can't get it to focus on my choice of subject there below?!?!
Never again!   

Also, I am aware that poor composition never helps get a good photo... but I was too excited to stage some nice ones.  These photos are taken with this puppy only seconds out of the box.

Isn't she beautiful?
Now the hard part is waiting for the battery to charge!

Please excuse the preponderance of exclamation points in this post... my excitement cannot be contained.
p.s. Thanks again Mr. Trio Beautiful!  I love you!

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