Thursday, December 27, 2012

Swoon Block #3

If you haven't already figured it out from the extra posts... I am off of work this week. Yay!
And you can be sure that before I go back to work on Monday you will hear more from me.
Yesterday I managed to delay dishes until Mr. Trio Beautiful came home, so I had a helper with those.

Super stash of Aurifil thread
 Before I could get started sewing for the day, I needed to put away some of my Christmas loot gifts, and prepare to use some of it too.  Look at the beautiful rainbow of neutral Auriful threads that I received!  And my pretty new pair of Gingers...    

Ginger 5 inch Sonia Knife Edge Sewing Scissors ... aren't they beautiful?!?!
 Don't worry, I didn't take pictures of all my gifts... well, maybe I did... but I promise I won't post them all :)
After I ohh'ed and ahh'ed and photographed all my Christmas presents, I started to sew.

My third Swoon block came together in no time.  I'm thrilled with it.  
It is hard to tell in the photos, but the color for those bursts is a pink/red-ish salmon color.  It goes beautifully with the color of the flowers in the star.  I could have waited for better lighting to take the pictures, but sometimes I just lack patience.

All of the fabrics are Denyse Schmidt (I love her stuff!)-- in fact all three blocks are with her fabrics so far.  There are two different fabric lines of hers in the block.  The salmon bursts are from the Chicopee line, and the gray and yellow are from Flea Market Fancy.

I'm thinking the next block is going to be green, but I haven't picked the fabric out yet.  Six more to go and I'll have enough for the full quilt!

Today I turn my focus back to my nieces t-shirt quilt.


  1. The blocks look stunning together- can't wait to see which fabrics you use for the other 6!

  2. I love that fabric - They need to reprint it! Great job - your blocks are beautiful!

  3. Me gustan mucho estos bloques ¿qué tamaño tiene? ¡Feliz año 2013!

    1. Thank you! The blocks are 24 x 24 inches... they are huge! Happy New Year to you as well!