Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mostly wordless Saturday

I know in blog world it is usually 'wordless Wednesday', and in quilt blog world it is 'WIP (work in progress) Wednesday'... but Wednesday this week was really busy, so...
I bring you a mostly wordless, WIP filled Saturday.

First off, I tweaked my colors for the Skill Builder BOM.

The first block for the BOM was released on Thursday. Yay!  Tons of fun playing around with this block.

She really talked up using starch when piecing, and the idea kind of freaked me out.  I opted for this lighter kind of starch called Mary Ellen's Best Press which my mom clued me onto.  I'm a convert.  This stuff is awesome.

I just need to get the border put on my "Sound Wave" block and it will be done!

And sometime soon I'll show you more complete look at this other project I just completed.  But for now all you get is a little sneak peek.  Happy weekend!

Pile O' Fabric

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