Monday, November 26, 2012

Eek! I won, I won!

I'm so excited I can't help but let out a little squeal!
A special package arrived for me today today.  From the UK... via "Royal Mail."

This package is special for two reasons.
First off-- I won it!  And I never win things!  Second, this is the first Liberty of London fabric EVER to grace my fabric stash!  It is from the new 'Stile' collection which you can see in it's entirety here.  A big thank you goes to Judith at Needles and Lemons for hosting such a wonderful give-away!

So bright, and so beautiful... so art nouveau.  I love it.
Now I need to plan a project for it!

On another note, Thanksgiving seemed to slip by without my vocalizing all the things I am grateful for (and there is so much).  The gratitude was in my heart, which is what matters most.  
At the risk of over simplifying things-- I am thankful for family, love, and laughter.  
That is what I hold most dear these days.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

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