Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slow and steady...

Progress on pillow number three is slow yet steady.  It's getting harder to go into the craft room and sew after work lately.  With the sun beginning to set so much earlier I loose my precious natural light.  And in a room that is yellow you can't choose fabrics with artificial light... lesson learned regarding choice of wall color in a sewing room!

On Friday morning I squeezed in a bit of sewing.  I had no idea where I was going when I got started on things.  I whipped up that wonky star and just kinda stared at it for awhile.

 At some point though, I turned to this wonderful and trusty book.  Modern Blocks is a wonderful compilation of block ideas from some wonderful designing minds.

"Boxed Up" served as my inspiration to start with (page 36, designed by Angela Yosten).
I initially turned to this one because I loved its simplicity.  I must like busy things though because I felt like it need more oomph to it.

 It sat like that until today when I finally had an extra hour to work on it a little more.

I must like busy things though, because I felt like it needed more oomph.  Today I managed to eek out a little more time in the sewing room before heading off to work, and stitched up a few flying geese blocks in assorted colors.  Then I made another little wonky star with the scraps from the flying geese.

It's starting to take shape.  I hope on Friday that I will get some more time and wrap this sucker up.

Before I knew it I had to call it a day doing the things I wanted to do, and head off to work instead.  But first I had to walk this little guy.  He waited so patiently all morning for me.

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